Get me on the court & I'm trouble

The NBA Players Association is looking to enhance their training for NBA players. They’ll only have 2 hours per year and the content must be delivered in person to each NBA team. Read through how I used virtual reality video, mobile games and case studies to tackle the problem (17MBs).

Welcome to the show

Uniquely designed for each team, welcome kits showcase hero art of a current player, specific highlight in franchise history, or team veteran.

NBA Welcome kits Welcome kits

The tipoff

3D projected onto the court of each teams arena, this brief introductory video sets the stage for the next few hours of training, while introducing the training host.

Tipoff The tipoff

All Hart mother f*#$!rs

Kevin Hart will introduce content and be the host throughout training, bringing levity to serious issues while offering a commonsensical truth in delivery and message.

Kevin Hart Kevin Hart

Virtually possible

Use virtual reality headsets such as Google Cardboard, Gear VR, or Playstation VR, to show rather than tell situations.

Virtual insanity Virtual insanity
Just in case

Each case study will tell a players journey through documentary video, reliving highlight footage and discussing their experiences of success and failure.

Case Studies Case studies
He got games

Games will execute in quick 90 to 120 second intervals, fighting against training fatigue and over saturation of content.

He Got Games NBA Games